3 Reasons Why We Love Tall Centerpieces

Why you should consider using tall centerpieces for your wedding

Tall centerpieces… you either love them, or you hate them. There’s really no in between. At Posh Petals, we love incorporating the tall centerpieces into weddings. They’re just a beautiful and detailed decor piece that will be sure to have your guests raving! Check out why you should consider using them for your big day!

They help to fill the empty space. When you enter your reception space and see nothing but short centerpieces on the tables, the room might feel a tad bit empty, especially if the ceilings in your reception space are taller than normal. Adding the larger centerpieces will definitely help to fill that space, and don’t worry, your guests will not struggle to see and converse with each other, as long as the bases of the centerpieces are skinny or clear!

 They add drama. Since the decor is one of the first things your guests will see when they enter the space, why not make a statement with tall, dramatic centerpieces? They will be easy to spot and can range in style, from tropical (as pictured above), to whimsical, or even traditional. We have seen tall centerpieces in all types of venues as well. From barns to ballrooms, these pieces are a must!

Photo above taken by Textures – Event Lighting

They have a variety of uses. Are you wanting to have a beautiful focal piece for your ceremony but are trying to save a little bit of money where you can? Try using tall centerpieces and then transport them to your reception space! It’s an easy way to have a cohesive look in both spaces and stay economical.

Whatever your style may be for your wedding day, we’ll be sure to bring it to life by using a few tall centerpieces. They will make a strong statement and leave your guests in awe no matter what!


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