DIY Wreath

Not just for the Holidays, Anymore!

These round arrangements can be seen on doors year-round. You’ll notice them especially during the holiday season, but your wreath could be pure pastel blooms for spring, or combined with some fall foliage for an autumnal touch. There are just a few basic steps for making your own wreath that you can customize to your liking!

1. Supplies
Your supplies change depending if you want to use real flowers and greens for a more organic, fresh look, or if you prefer the longevity of artificial flowers. Here, we’ll be focusing on using fresh product, since that’s our favorite. You’ll need a floral foam wreath, floral clippers, and the flowers and greenery of your choice. You could even cut your own flowers from your yard and a take the greens from a bush with pretty leaves and berries. Use your creativity to change up the colors and style of your wreath for the season or for your personal style.

2. Prep and Begin
Fill your sink with a couple inches of water and lay the foam on top, until it sinks and stops bubbling. Cut your first greenery pieces to about 4-6 inches long. 6 inch pieces give an end result of a wreath that is approximately 18 inches across, so if that will be too large for your door, trim them down an inch or two. Insert them into the outer edges of the foam wreath, toward the top.

3. Fill in
Add shorter pieces of greenery to the top of the foam, and even shorter pieces on the inside. Make sure you don’t cover up all the space in the middle! After filling in with greens, it’s all up to your creative side. You can mix in different greens to add alternative textures, pop in a cluster of flowers all together, or distribute them throughout your wreath. When you’re finished, attach some ribbon and put it on display!

If you try this at home, we’d love to see pictures of your creations! Email them to

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