Greens for Spring

Choosing the perfect greens for your home this Spring

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With the weather giving us West Siders a sneak peek of Spring lately, we can’t help but want to begin doing all of the fun things this next season brings; like picking out all of the lovely plants for our homes! Adding greens to your home not only adds a sense of beauty, but they can actually benefit your health too! Green plants are found to assist in breathing, reduce illness, they help to keep the air clean and they even boost healing. How cool is that?!

Some of the photos above showcase a handful of our favorite green plants that we currently have at Posh. Some fan favorites include the adorable succulents. Succulents are great because they require very little maintenance. Do you often forget to water your house plants? Well have no fear because these little guys actually like it dry. Just remember to place your pretty little succulents somewhere close to sunlight because they will soak in all the rays they can!

Are you looking for a specific plant to fill a large space? Well look no further than the ever famous, Peace Lily (pictured above, third row on the right). The Peace Lily is perfect for any large space because they will grow to be very large! The elegant blooms will be sure to make a statement in your home.

Make sure to stop in the shop soon to pick out the perfect green plants for your own home this Spring! We have a large selection with a variety of prices and we are eager to help you in selecting the perfect ones!


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