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Adding Floral to your Hair

2 Ways to Add Floral to Your Wedding Hair


Floral Halo

Floral halos are perfect for a variety of wedding styles. They can be simple and elegant with tasteful bits of baby’s breath and greens for more classic brides, or big and bold for those who look to make more of a statement. Each floral halo follows the same basic elements, but can have entirely different outcomes!

Floral Halo: Step 1

This halo starts simply and then has a larger cluster in the front. Start with a thick wire and wind floral tape around the entire length of the wire, to give it grip and stability.

Hold the wire around your head to see how long it needs to be, and trim it to fit. Add a second piece of wire if one isn’t enough. Leave an inch extra on either side to make two hooks that join together.

Floral Halo: Step 2

Then start at one end of the wire, adding small pieces of foliage and the smaller flowers, gradually incorporating the larger blooms. This will make the whole halo flow together.

The back will be more simple, and the front or side will lead into a beautiful, more concentrated cluster. Your floral halo will bring people’s eyes up from your bouquet, and only add to your beauty on your wedding day.

Tip: When using fragile stems, you can insert thin wire at the very top of the stem, just under the petals, to reinforce it.


Floral Comb

Floral combs are another stunning way to bring blooms into your wedding day hair. Using flowers that complement the rest of your look, a delicate floral comb can add such a sweet touch!

Floral Comb: Step 1

You can use any size comb for this, depending on how big you want your hairpiece to be. You’ll need ribbon to make a bow if you want something to base the floral off of, and some glue or a glue dash to attach the ribbon to the comb.

Floral Comb: Step 2

The first thing you should glue to the bow is the greens that create the overall shape and lines of the piece.

Floral Comb: Step 3

Add the largest flowers first and keep them closer to the middle to cover up the glue. Keep adding flowers, and any greens that will make it bigger and more full.

When your comb is finished, you can spray some floral adhesive into the center to make sure everything stays put. When you put the comb into your hair, use bobby pins to keep it in place.

Tip: When gluing your blooms into place, be sure to use your floral glue sparingly. Overuse can cause your design to fall apart.

In these pieces: Agonis, ranunculus, roses, spray roses, thistle, plumosa fern, sword fern, and hypericum.

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