How a Wedding Planner Can Make a Difference on Your Big Day

Wedding Planning Difference!

When you’re just starting out wedding planning, you might be questioning if hiring a wedding planner is the right decision. What do they do? Is it worth the expense? This post will go over just a few of the ways a wedding planner makes a big impact on your wedding day and your overall wedding planning experience.

Take the Stress Off Of You

Not only will a wedding planner take stress off of you, they will also relieve your friends and family of some of the more stressful wedding planning tasks. A wedding planner takes over the main responsibility of pulling off your wedding from your shoulders. Plus, they provide a person to channel your constant flow of wedding questions and worries to so that you don’t end up driving your bridesmaids crazy. Having a wedding planner is one of the biggest things you can do to make sure you remember your wedding planning experience fondly instead of as a stress-filled time in your life.

Save Your Money

Although hiring a wedding planner is an expense itself that you should budget for, they can also help save your money on other wedding services. Wedding planners have connections to vendors and can negotiate to help you get the best deal on services like catering and photography. They also can be helpful when you’re making a budget and deciding how much to take out for a wedding loan since they already have experience with what wedding services typically cost. For brides planning their first wedding, it can be hard to know what prices vendors usually charge so hiring a wedding planner can be a valuable resource to guide you in the right direction.

Save Your Time

Most former brides will tell you that wedding planning can easily become a part time job. A big chunk of time will be needed for hours of research on everything from bridesmaid dress colors to possible hotel accommodations to the right order for the wedding party processional. A wedding planner can take over that research themselves and might even already know the answers from experience. Additionally, many vendors communicate strictly during business hours. A wedding planner is able to handle communication so their bride’s bosses don’t catch them wedding planning during work.

Give You New Ideas

Maybe you’re not someone who’s dreamed of every wedding detail since they were five years old. In that case, a wedding planner can make a huge impact on the overall theme of your wedding by giving you suggestions for decor and details. Wedding planners are constantly immersed in trends and can give you great ideas from weddings they have worked before. In our case, our floral design experience can be a big help if you’re not familiar with flowers and how they can add to your wedding vision. An event planner can also let you know which trends are becoming overdone or which ones can end up being a flop. Having someone dedicated to your decor and theme will help result in a more unique wedding overall.

Keep Your Day on Schedule

On your wedding day, you’ll be so wrapped up with the emotion of the day that time will pass very quickly. Getting ready feels like it’s taking forever, but your ceremony will be over in the blink of an eye! A wedding planner or a day-of coordinator will constantly have their eye on the clock and be in charge of making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. This is great because you’ve likely only paid for a set number of hours at your venue and you don’t want to waste any of that time. Plus, it saves you from being that ‘Bridezilla’ that has to yell at everyone to get a move on to avoid being late!

As you can see, hiring a wedding planner can ultimately have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your wedding. From decor ideas to your overall stress levels, wedding planners make a difference on the big day so it may be worth it to consider including one in your budget. Contact us to find out about how we can make a difference on your big day!

Photo: Kelly Braman Photography

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