Moving Day at Posh Petals

Goodbye Plainfield Avenue, Hello Bridge Street!








It’s out with the old and in with the new at Posh Petals! For the past few weeks our team has been slowly packing up the items from our Plainfield shop and moving them over to our new location on Bridge Street. Although it’s sad to be leaving the original shop, it’s also exciting because that just means we have grown so much that we need more space. A business that began about ten years ago by Elizabeth and a few volunteers here and there, has increased to eight wonderful staff members and multiple interns each academic semester working hard to average about 150 events each year.

Our little shop on Plainfield changed many times over the past couple of years. It seemed as if every few weeks the furniture was being shifted around, but nothing moved quite as much as the design tables. We like to call it, “The Evolution of the Design Tables.” There was a time when the tables were in an “L” shape, horizontally against the walls, one table was in the back room, and then they were side by side. No matter how we configured them though, the Posh girls were always able to get the job done and create gorgeous centerpieces.

There were so many great memories made in the Plainfield shop, like the time Elizabeth began taking breakdancing classes and had to show us all her moves. Or even our spontaneous trips to places like Le Bon Macaron or Robinettes whenever we were stressed out. Who would have thought that the building which was once a church, a roller skating rink, and a movie theatre would become the perfect place for a beautiful floral shop to blossom. The bonds between each and every one of us grew strong in the Plainfield shop, and we are so excited for more memories to be made at the new location.


We will be opening back up at 806 Bridge Street NW, Grand Rapids 49505 on Monday July 11th — Contact us now for any questions or to make an appointment.

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