Peony Appreciation

The Perfectly Puffy Peonies we all love

There’s nothing more beautiful than a perfectly pink peony in the early Spring. At Posh Petals, every peony that arrives in the shop ends up being a crowd favorite for a number of reasons. Not only do they look like a delicious piece of fluffy cotton candy, but they become the star of any floral arrangement or bouquet!

Peonies are a fragrant flower that come in a variety of different colors. From ivory, to a few different shades of pink, to even a deep burgundy, peonies are just gorgeous in any color! Peonies are beginning to arrive in the shop more frequently around this time of year, and our customers can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s a bride wanting to add voluminous peonies to her bridal bouquet and wedding decor, or an every day delivery arrangement, we love designing with them.

Make sure to stop in the shop any time this week to grab a beautifully wrapped bouquet full of peonies, or order a special arrangement to make someone you love smile! You can get into contact with us by clicking here now.

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