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Advantages to having your florist and planner on the same team


photos by Justine Montigny Photography

Let’s be honest here; planning a wedding is not easy stuff. There are so many details that come in to play that not many people are even aware of. It can get to be stressful when it comes to keeping things straight and designing the overall look as well. From finding a venue, to booking the several vendors, to searching for that special dress, it’s easy to forget something. At Posh Petals, we pride ourselves on having not only an amazing floral design team to make your vision come alive, but we also have a top notch planning team that will be sure to take the stress off of you so you can focus on just being excited during this time.

When your event planner and florist are on the same team, the entire process is that much easier. Your planner will know the ins and outs of your wedding as a whole, while your florist will have the design aspect down. There’s always an open line of communication between both our floral team and our planning team, as we usually work together on each wedding that we help to create!

We truly have the best of both worlds at Posh. Our planning team knows about floral, and our floral team knows about planning, so no matter what, your dream wedding will be achieved.


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