Stress (Less) While Wedding Planning

In collaboration with a guest writer- Annie M.

Congrats, you’re getting married! The next few months of wedding planning will probably fly by and your wedding day will be here before you know it. But don’t forget this is the most exciting time of your life! You should be able to enjoy wedding planning and not be bogged down by stress. We have a few quick tips to help reduce stress while planning your wedding:

Hire a multi-service planner

If you are all about savoring every moment of the months leading up to your wedding, then contact Posh Petals for help. Not only can they handle your floral arrangements, but they can also help with decor design and other wedding planning details!

Firstly, budget! Which should be your initial priority after you say ‘yes!’ The first step toward budgeting begins by talking to your fiancé and your families. That way you can assess how much each of you can afford to pay and if you are receiving any help from your families. Then, figure out your biggest and most important expenses. For example, the venue is commonly the most costly part of a wedding. However, if you’re dying for your favorite wedding band to be there, or won’t go without a videographer, those are important expenses to consider too! If you are proactive with your wedding planning by budgeting then you can find effective ways to make your wedding day a dream come true without losing out on the details that matter most to you.

Speaking of dream weddings, Posh Petals can also help you get in contact with your preferred vendors, create a timeline for the months leading up to your wedding and execute the details on the big day! Then, from there, start helping you design your wedding day with our variety of rental decor for every style of bride. Whether you want something elegant and romantic or vintage and rustic, Posh Petals have the pieces that will help perfect your wedding theme.

Keep calm and plan on

We know that with Pinterest, Instagram, endless bridal magazines and websites, that planning can easily get overwhelming. You might find yourself second-guessing what you want or even realizing you don’t know what you want at all, and that’s okay! Use those resources as fun sources of inspiration for ideas for your floral or decor, and we can then help you sort through the endless options and find one that will help you express you and your relationship.

Order in bulk for wedding party gifts

This tip is a game changer! There are a ton of retailers that now allow you to order their items in bulk. Remember, bulk doesn’t mean something is cheap or thoughtless. In fact, stores like YETI, Warby Parker and Zazzle offer great items you can order in bulk for the wedding party. These are things that your wedding party will appreciate and you can make the purchase for everyone in one easy order!

If you are having a summer wedding, consider gifting your wedding party sunglasses to use for the big weekend. These sunglasses are cute and great quality and will be sure to become your guys’ and girls’ new go-to pair! If you aren’t having a summertime ceremony but have a quirky group of friends that love to rock a new pair of eyeglasses for every day of the week and you want to treat them to a brand them love, you can even purchase gift cards for everyone to shop for glasses and other fun accessories.

Nowadays, everyone loves their reusable water bottles and mugs to keep in the or around the house. Your wedding party would be grateful to get one of these to help stay hydrated the day of and long after your wedding is over!


Relax and reflect

Help stay stress-free while wedding planning by dedicating time to relax! Enjoying a spa day with your fiancé in the midst of planning is a great way to unwind and recharge. Many couples wait until the honeymoon to have a spa day, however, as soon as the wedding is over a huge weight is immediately lifted off of your shoulders, so treat yourself ahead of time.

Another enjoyable way to help manage and combat your stress is to create a wedding blog! Documenting every step of the way for your family, followers on Instagram, or even just for yourself is an awesome way to organize as well as reflect. Each week you can take time to remember the highs and lows of your wedding planning process. This will help you come to terms with any stress you may be feeling. Plus, long after your wedding you will be happy that you took the time to do this so you can look back on all of the memories made!

Blog post by Annie M.

Annie is not only another twenty-something millennial! She’s also a foodie, fashionista and a Friends fanatic. Annie rivals Jane from 27 Dresses with the number of times she’s been a bridesmaid; now she is passionate about helping soon-to-be brides navigate their wedding planning.

Photo by Chelsea Seekell

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