Tips for Floral Hair Pieces on Your Wedding Day- post by guest author Ayn Bernos

Words by Ayn Bernos, Content Manager for Wedding Favy

Let’s face it. Every bride wants to stand out on her wedding day, and one way to achieve this is through wearing something entirely eye-catching — flowers!

For the brides, if you’re an avid flower child and wearing flowers and floral crowns makes you happy, then there’s no better time to do it than your big day! There are countless ways to wear floral hair pieces on your wedding day, and we’ve got just the list to get you started.


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  1.  To start with, you could go all out and choose a crown that would match and complement both of your dress and your bouquet! There’s nothing like an eye-catching piece that will surely grab everyone’s attention. Own your motif and make your bridal look a statement on its own.This is more advisable on simple ceremony and reception sites, so that your venue doesn’t outmaneuver your overall look.


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2.  Not a fan of matchy-matchy and would rather have it low-key? A delicate and simple floral crown is just for you! The right arrangement of flowers and leaves is sure to give your hair a little more pizzazz, without overpowering any other part of your look. This will definitely go perfectly with your veil, too.


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3.  Do not forget your flower girls! Aside from the brides, who are the center of attention on wedding days, flower girls also bring cuteness and innocence to the event. We all know how little girls enjoy anything that’s pretty and how they would want to wear whatever princesses (in this case, the bride is their princess) are wearing. Floral crowns for kids do not necessarily require a grand design, but they could be patterned to your own floral crown as well. In addition, they could still carry flower petal baskets along with them, which would also complement their crowns.


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4. Updos and chignons are the ultimate go-to hairstyles during special occasions, especially at weddings. Take these typical hairdos to a whole new level by wearing a floral clip (or adding fresh flowers) for more drama and effect. Even the most subtle color, especially pastels, will make your updo more noticeably chic. This look will surely give you a fresh and very blooming vibe for your special day!


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5. Sporting short hair? While you can’t do as much with it as with longer locks, carrying a rather striking flower crown on top of your head will surely do the trick! A bold and dramatic set of colorful flowers will bring a different meaning to “crowning glory” and will make for a unique bridal look. This hairdo is perfect for muted silhouettes, or laidback boho-chic wedding dresses. 



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Ayn Bernos is a writer, a YouTuber, and an advocate of happily ever afters. As a real life bride-to-be and the Content Manager for Wedding Favy, an online haven for themed and personalized wedding favors, she spends her days living and breathing wedding celebrations. She loves to write about all things bridal — from fun bachelorettes and intimate vows, to catering expenses and stationery ideas.

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