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Hi everyone! Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Stephani, feel free to call me Steph. I am known as the crazy plant lady, as I have over 57 houseplants. My love for plants drew me to start floral design. I’ve been a studying art for the last 6 years, everything from illustration to pottery. Yet, nothing has quite captivated me like floral design!

What is your favorite flower?
Oh jeez, I’ve been dreading this question! It’s so hard for me to choose. I love everything from a simple wax flower to a garden rose. But if you really push me, I think I would have to say a Passion Flower.

What do you love most about your work?
I love being able to create living art; it takes 3D design to another level for me. I also love creating art that everyone can enjoy and find joy in. Handing someone a bouquet and seeing their face light up is very rewarding.

What inspires you?
I seem to find my inspiration from the simple things in life. Watching the sun gleam through the leaves of a tree, or listening to the wind blow through a forest. Humanity is another source of inspiration; seeing someone enjoy their work and succeed in life fills me with motivation to continue doing what I love.